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Dec. 31st, 2020

Lotus Flower

FanWorks Master List

Near Family's Master List of Fanfiction & Fan-art

Star Trek AOS (XI, Reboot) Fanfiction:

Multi Chapter FicsCollapse )

One ShotsCollapse )

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Star Trek AOS Fan-Art:

Joint ArtCollapse )

Art for Ship WarsCollapse )


Jan. 12th, 2014

Lotus Flower

Fic: The Heat after the Fire

Title: The Heat after the Fire
Author: Near-Family
Fandom: The Hobbit
Rating: R for hairy dwarf sexy times
Characters: Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin and Thorin's Company
Pairings: Bilbo/Thorin, Bofur/Nori, Dwalin/Ori
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Hobbit or any its characters. I'm doing this for fun, not profit.
Author's Notes: Done for a prompt on the Hobbit Kink Meme which is linked to in the fic. This is also my first time writing porn. Beta'ed by the always wonderful re_white.

Summary: Dwarves have One Love in their lives and when they find them they fall into the Sanâzyungurs for several days. This means a lot of things to dwarves: unconditional love, a blessing from Mahal, a sense of becoming whole; but mostly what it means is an obscene amount of sex. Sadly, not all dwarves recognize their One right away. Sometimes that realization needs to be triggered by strife or jealousy or some unfortunate predicament.

Like say, getting attacked by goblins, then orcs, then almost falling off a cliff to your death from a burning tree. Yeah. That should do it.

The Heat after the Fire @ ao3


Jun. 12th, 2010

Lotus Flower

I, I... I'm ALIVE!!! AHAHAHA! *gigglesnort*

For the past few months there's been a localized apocalypse at my place of employment.

The apocalypse included several week long audits of fucking DOOM, an admin assistant tribal feud, interdepartmental headhunting with copious marking and reinforcement of territorial lines (cubicals and conference rooms, oh my God, fucking shoot me), and more binders (all of which I had to create) and digital databases than you can shake a stick at.

I have become the Queen of Schedules (none of which are ever final until the very last day), the Goddess of Binders (Engineers can't be trusted not to desecrate them with unofficial documents) and pacifier of twitchy supervisors (smile, nod, do what needs to be done while making it look like I'm doing what they want to get done - which isn't often the same thing).

But now it's OVER. Until the fall, when the horsemen will ride forth once again for the INSPECTIONS...

No more 12 hour days. No more weekend overtime. No more suffocating mental numbness. No more soul sucking Team Room.

Oh, sweet Fandom, how I have missed thee! How I have craved the vast, smut infested expanse of your bosom! Your cracktastic humor, subtle wit and hurty angst, your thoughtful introspection. The Kink Meme.

But I have returned alive and mostly intact. I shall read. I shall write. I shall fucking post!


*looks in unfinished fic folder*

... O.O'


Feb. 22nd, 2010

Lotus Flower

Fic: Dreams are All There is for Us.

Title: Dreams are All There is for Us.
Author: near_family
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters/Pairings: Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Uhura. Kirk/McCoy angst.
Warnings: Angst
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or anything affiliated with it. This was done for fun, not profit.
Author's note: This was done for Ship Wars Prompt 4: In the Doghouse again. Thank you to my lovely betas re_white and gone_ashore. And also to mamaesme for letting me test out the stability of the idea while this thing was still in the works.

Summary: “I'm sorry.” He traces the contours of Bones' face with the tips of his fingers, a feather light caress. “For hurting you. But I just can't do it. I can't do what you're asking of me. And I'm not sorry for that.”

For the last three nights Jim has watched Bones sleep.Collapse )


Fic Master List


Feb. 18th, 2010

Lotus Flower

My fic from the recent Bonus Round at Ship Wars

Title: Together, We Wait
Author: near_family
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: McCoy, Uhura, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or anything affiliated with it. This was done for fun, not profit.
Author's note: This was done for the Bonus Round: Welcome Back. Don't ever Leave again. at Ship Wars.

Summary: Leonard and Nyota find it difficult to sleep when Jim and Spock are away.

The longer missions are the hardest.Collapse )


Fic Master List


Feb. 12th, 2010

Lotus Flower

Wish You Were Here - a Ship Wars round robin Orgy


The good SHIPs Jones, PikeOne and Pirk have a Round Robin Orgy going in this thread on the FLEETIES post at SHIP WARS. There has been Pink Floyd, red wine and handcuffs and we're looking to add ice cream, wodka (possibly wodka flavored ice cream, yum), Plomik soup, sandwiches and tribbles to the list! We request that you bring your SEXY SELVES and your sexy boys/girls/zombies/small furry critters and continue the orgy.

The Location: Pike's quarters.

The Situation: Number One sexed out in Pike's bed. Pike and Bones are making out and Jim is STILL HANDCUFFED TO THE CHAIR.

How we got to this point...

The Greenwood Pic that started it all ~ taraljc
Jim and Number One drool over Pike ~ near_family
Pike and McCoy sex up Number One while Jim is handcuffed to a chair. ~ leftarrow
Number One leads Pike off to the bedroom - and Part Two ~ taraljc
Pike investigates the thwarted-Jim noises ~ re_white



Jan. 28th, 2010

Lotus Flower

FanVid Recs

People are making some really great fanvids for Star Trek XI. Fanvids that send me running to iTunes to buy the song because they make me fall in love with it.

Here are my FavoritesCollapse )

I hope to add more to this list in the future. ^__^


Jan. 24th, 2010

Lotus Flower

Because it's TRUE

re_white seems to be incapable of writing Star Trek fic that doesn't kill you a little bit inside.

The Evidence:

Everything You had and What was Left after That: Kirk/McCoy, done for the kink meme. Basic premise: Jim learns fast that very few people get off on having a partner who can't.

As Clean and Sweet a Tale: Kirk/Pike with mentions of: Kirk/McCoy and Pike/Number One. Basic premise: Pike and Kirk's slow dance around each other.

While Lights were Paling One by One: Kirk/McCoy. Basic premise: Tarsus fic. Bones finds out about it.

She is my closest, dearest friend. My beta, my sister, my wify. I swear on Captain Fine's Chair of Awesome that this woman is, in fact, FUCKING HILARIOUS and a very friendly, happy person in RL. Yet, somehow, that doesn't transfer into fic. She just keeps ripping our little fangirl hearts to pieces and makes us like it and ask for more.

So. In honor of this, dear re_white, I've made you a couple of icons.


SAD!FIC GIRL - Broken Soul fast - Broken Soul slow

The third is a slower version of the second, in case you think it's too fast.

I <3 U! :D


Jan. 21st, 2010

Lotus Flower

Fic: Blue Shirts are BAMFs

Title: Blue Shirts are BAMFs
Author: near_family
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters/Pairings: McCoy, Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, Riley, Chapel, Rand, and mentions of Cupcake, Giotto, Uhura and minor OCs
Warnings: None but language
Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek or anything associated with it. I'm doing this for fun, not profit.
Author's note: This was written for the Ship Wars battle post at st_respect in response to a comment left by a member of Team Spones (aka Team Science) to Team Jones' fic entry for this week's competition (which is pretty awesome, I think. I'm on that team but I'm not biased, honest! ;D).

The gist of it is: they were disappointed that the science cadets were so easily defeated by the command cadets. I decided that such sadness could not continue and wrote this fic to fix it. ^^

Summary: “What part of running around on some random planet, shooting each other with florescent paint, all in an attempt to steal a God-dammed flag sounds fun to you?”

Because Scientists can kick ass too!Collapse )


Fic Master List


Jan. 16th, 2010

Lotus Flower

Fic: While Lights were Paling One by One

A Tarsus fic. We started it in July. It was coming along swimmingly until we gave ourselves a deadline, then it went stagnate. No joke.

Title: While Lights were Paling One by One
Authors: re_white & near_family
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Themes some may find disturbing.
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of these characters, nor do I court any profits.
Author's Note: Please see first comment for background on this story.

Summary: Four days ago Jim stopped eating and Leonard hasn't slept since.

Posted at Re_White's LJ


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